About us

Historical Review

C.I. Dulces La Americana S.A. is a Colombian company founded in 1945 in Medellín (Antioquia). In 195 it moved to Bogotá where, by 1947 a new approach was implemented growing in products and techniques that has been taking place, thus strengthening its position in the domestic market and abroad.In 2001 it received the National Prize of Exporters granted by Proexport Colombia and Analdex; in 200 it was ranked in the 22nd place in the PYMES top exporters of Colombia and in 2007 it got the sixth place in the same category. C.I. Dulces La Americana S.A. supplies the market throughout Colombia through a group of sellers and distributors and simultaneously reaffirming itself, day by day, as exporter in more than 40 countries in South, Central and North America, Africa, the Middle East and Europe, managing a wide portfolio of candy products.


C.I. Dulces La Americana S.A. produces and markets candies of excellent quality to gladden children, our main consumers. Likewise, it contributes to the development of the Colombian industry, striving to be an efficient, organized and competitive company, supported by the knowledge and experience of our collaborators, looking for its personal well being and environmental protection.


C.I. Dulces La Americana S.A. efforts and resources will be directed to achieve the recognition as a competetitive company with high quality standars in the confectionery sector in 2024. Likewise, it will strengthen all fonts to consolidate itself as an exporter and will continuously search for new domestic and international markets in such a way to favor its growth and managerial development. For it, management will be on the principles of continuous improvement of production, product excellency and unconditional commitment to customer service.

Quality Policy

C.I. Dulces La Americana S.A. is committed to the elaboration of products of excellent quality that satisfy national and international, framed within a program of continuous improvement ensuring the integrity of the product by means of control and verification in all the stages of production, conscious of the social responsibility as manufacturers according to environmental regulations, occupational health and social welfare as established by law.